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WOW! Has it really been that long since I wrote anything on here. A lot has changed since then. Where do I begin. Kelvin is now in 10th grade.  Kelvin is still doing Marching Band this year. Though he says he will not do it again next year. I think he is a little burned out on it.  He is in ROTC again this year also.  He says he really likes it and wants to stay in it.  He is part of the Drill team that spins the rifles.  Kelvin is now 6 foot tall!! I will have to take a picture of him next to me so you can see how big he has gotten LOL.  We have started taking him to the beach so he can practice driving. (GULP!) He will be 16 in July of next year so he is wanting to start driving. We will put him in driving course during spring break so he can get his permit. Then he will be able to drive by September. His grades are doing really well A, B and 2 C's.  Math is always hard for him.  We are getting ready to get the xmas tree and lights up this weekend.  Well I guess that's all for now!



Kelvin is doing really great this year.  He is a freshman at King High School. He is in the Marching Band playing Trombone. He is also in ROTC.  Kelvin is adjusting fairly well to new freshman life. His grades are a bit lower than last year but he is working on it.  Kelvin had his first dance last night. It was Homecoming. They had it at the History and Science Museum.  His date was Maria. (see pictures).  They are such a cute little couple :) Maria is also in Marching Band, she plays the trumpet.  Kelvin is keeping us busy with going to football games every Friday so we can see him play.  I am going to put up a new video soon.  They have improved ALOT since the first video I took. Kelvin has grown almost 5 inches in the last year.  He is 5'8 now UGH!! LOL. Well I guess that is all for now. Copyright 2003 Last Modified :04/20/10 10:52 AM