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I still cant believe it has been a year since I wrote on here. Where does the time go!!  Jacob is doing really great in school. AB Honor roll and he is in the 2nd grade now. Anyways, Jacobs routine has changed a lot since last year.  We were at Mary Jane's gymnastics for a long time but Jacob said he wanted to compete and MJ's didn't have a team.  So we went to CC All-star Gym and started doing Tumbling and Trampoline. He went to state finals got first place.  Then we went to JR. Olympics in New Orleans (see pics and videos). He got Silver on Power Tumbling, Bronze (4th) on Trampoline, and 8th on Double Mini.  We are so proud of him.  Then his wonderful tumbling coach had to move north and the team started to fall apart.  Then MJ's started up a boys full gymnastics team so we are back there. He is really really liking it.  Since it is a new team we will only go as far as state this year not to nationals (which is going to be in Chicago).  He will compete from Jan06 to April 06.  We are excited for him. 



Jacob is having a lot of fun with gymnastics. (see pictures) He is now going twice a week.  They have enough boys enrolled now to have just a boy class.  He really loves it.  They are learning a lot from their coach Garrett.  Jacob is in the First Grade this year.  He is doing wonderful. He is reading above most of the children in his class.  His best friend lives next door to us, his name is Inmonal. He is in Kinder.  They play outside together in the afternoon everyday.  Jacob has gotten so tall also. He is at 4' 3. Well that is all for now. Copyright 2003 Last Modified :04/20/10 10:52 AM